The LCR Band. Over 25 years and still rockin'!!

Orginally named The Lost Creek Riders (taken from a Louis L'amour novel), The LCR Band was formed in 1979 as a country/bluegrass band. Popular music tastes have changed over the years and the band has changed with them. Their current song mix is a generous dose of classic rock 'n' roll with a touch of classic country - a mix that has proven time after time to please everyone.

Having played in venues from Dodger Stadium to Disneyland (and most points in between), The LCR Band's wide variety of infectious dance music make them a popular addition to wedding receptions, company parties, community summer concerts, or any social event where a musically diverse audience is expected. The LCR Band plays music with a timeless quality, so that young and old alike are sure to hear their favorites. From the 50s to the present, from country to rock 'n' roll, The LCR Band remains one of Southern California's most popular musical groups and is sure to make your event a success.