Doug Brooks
Rhythm Guitar, Percussion and Vocals

Doug's musical experience began with piano lessons in about 4th grade. Not caring for the rigid instruction techniques of his instructor, he quit after about two years. Hearing that a family friend was teaching guitar classes through the city of La Verne's recreation department, he decided to give that instrument a try. The instruction technique was much looser and included songs that were well known. And so began an interest in music that continues to this day.

Buying his first electric guitar setup in seventh grade, Doug formed his first "band", The Patriots. Though they never played for anyone other than the family, they had a blast making up songs and rockin the neighborhood.

Doug practiced on his own through high school, and it wasn't until 1979 that he finally got together with some neighborhood guys and formed the first version of The Lost Creek Riders. Concentrating on country music (because it was the easiest to play) The Lost Creek Riders found themselves in the middle of the "Urban Cowboy" mania of the early 80s.

Meanwhile, Doug also helped formed a contemporary worship band at his church, Grace Brethren, in La Verne. Coincidentally, the pastor of the church (Dave Belcher) was the same person who years earlier had given Doug guitar lessons through the city of La Verne.

During the late 80s, Doug recorded a few radio commercials and the theme song for a pilot sitcom. He also wrote and recorded several radio jingles for the popular Ken and Bob show on KABC Talkradio.

Doug recently completed his Master's Degree in Education by attending night school. The LCR Band continues to be Doug's favorite part time job and source of artistic expression.

Doug, his wife Nora, and their three kids Cristina, Michael, and James reside in Claremont, California.